About Us

Here at Legit Chic, we come to work everyday because we have a enduring passion for fashion and the desire to provide great clothes to the people of the world.


Our clothes doesn't just look great, it comes with an affordable price as well! Our clothes are factory made and delivered straight to your door, eliminating the middle men and cutting down the waste produced. This allows us to price our items lower than usual while being environmentally friendly.

Great Materials

A hand select of high quality fabric is used for our products. The materials used to produce your clothes undergo strict quality testing before they are chosen. The silkiest silk you can find and the most comfortable denim you've worn, we've got it all!

Worldwide Shipping

We provide Worldwide Shipping to over 120+ countries. Add an item to your cart and checkout to check if we support shipping to your country. Our shipping takes an estimated time of 7-25 days to be delivered to your doorstep

Environmentally Friendly

We love being environmentally friendly, we hope you'll be relieved when you find out that here at Legic Chic, we produce all our products with little to waste produced. We are also cruelty free as we are against testing any kind of animal testing. Help the world be a better place when you use our products.